Learn to be Confident in Your Love Life

Learn to be Confident in Your Love Life

Being confident in your love life is an underestimated skill.


And let me tell you, it is a skill.


You can learn it, practice it, and master it. 


One of the ways I love helping my clients truly step into their confidence is to first identify how they’ve been showing up in their fear – what do they do, say, feel? How does their phone behaviour change? What thoughts start to take over their minds?


Then they identify how they would actually love to be showing up, as their most empowered and confident self.


I take them through a beautiful, deep process of getting really clear on that picture. Some aspects of her they’ve seen before; they’ve been here for brief moments, and have seen glimpses of her in themselves and others.


Other parts of her they’re imagining, creating and becoming.


And when I see my ladies start making decisions, speaking as, dressing as, feeling as, and showing up as their most empowered selves, it is the most liberating experience for us both. 


Being your most empowered self in dating allows you to speak your truth, stop questioning your every move, have more fun and embrace your boundaries, emotions, and desires.


It’s like sticking your flag in the ground, claiming your place and drawing all the right men towards you.


It’s magnetic.





And it can be your new way of being, too.


If this resonates with you, and you yearn to feel this way in dating, too: Let’s talk. I have a couple of spots open for the woman who is ready to make change.


With love,

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