Knowing what truly matters makes for easier decisions (most of the time)

Knowing what truly matters makes for easier decisions (most of the time)

It seems a simple enough concept to say that the more you know what matters, the easier it is to make decisions. But when you really truly grasp this, and even more importantly, find yourself applying it, it’s actually, kind of life changing.

We (as in I), spend enough time worrying about the right decisions to make, about all the things we should be doing or all the things we should have already done, that we just “haven’t had time for”. And while these feelings can sometimes be legit and often provide an opportunity to grow, there are definitely ways we can avoid this all together… leaving less room for worry (can I get an Amen) and more room for creativity.

When you understand what really matters to YOU (it really is different for all of us, and so the problem with cookie cutter lifestyles), it makes your decision-making seamless, connected…and you consequently, live a much fuller life. Why? Because when you know what matters you will effortlessly know how to spend every minute of the day, and find yourself on a moving train to the life you want. We are bombarded with non-stop distractions (hello instagram, youtube and Netflix) but when you are clear on the things, people, life that you want, you will naturally know how (and actually want) to spend your time wiser.

I think that it often feels like we’re faced with decisions all day, every day and this feeling, is totally justified. But I’ve witnessed first hand, the increased simplicity (ie less decision-making) of my day, by grasping at a core level what matters to ME (which trust me when I say, can be very different from the majority of people around me). I find myself constantly getting better at spending every day doing what I enjoy, instead of waiting for something to happen so that I can one day live this way. It’s a journey, and I for one am happy to be on it.

Just remember this, as long as you are constantly growing (even a little) and making smarter choices every day, you will be just fine.

Peace, love and easy decisions,


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