Know your worth – the cure to your dating woes

Know your worth – the cure to your dating woes

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Oh, that exciting time when you’re first getting to know someone can be so…confusing. Right?

Well, maybe not.

I’m no stranger to frantic phone calls and texts from people stressing about what they should do/not do, with someone they’ve just started seeing. Should they call, text, try to see them…the list goes on. They often say things like “this is so complicated” or “I wish I could just tell this person how I really feel” or “what are the rules to this dating game?”. My answer is, there’s only one:

Know your value – and act from that place.

Sounds too simple? Think about it for a minute. If a guy doesn’t respond to you, is it really because you sent a text asking how his day’s going? Who knows what the reason is. It could have nothing to do with you at all or it could be the result of an accumulation of things; but it’s definitely not because of that one message. So when you’re finding it hard to know what to do next (because, things can get kind of tricky when you’re dating someone new), act from a place of high self-worth, ie. be kind but never desperate.

I can honestly say from experience that this is the key.

The thing is, depending where you’re at on your spiritual journey, this may be harder for some than others, to identify. And an even greater problem is if you don’t think you’re worth much, or haven’t acknowledged just how worthy you are. But I will tell you this, the more you love you give to yourself, the easier and more intuitive it is to make the right decisions for that person you love…you. And when you act from a place of dignity and self worth, you won’t worry about every little action or word you want to say or regret saying  – because doing so only keeps you spinning and disconnected from reality- which leaves very little room for real connection.

So let’s break it down with a few practical examples:

If you’re the one doing all the calling & texting (this goes for any of your relationships), does this hold to your value? NO

If you message someone after he or she treats you to a lovely dinner to say thank you and let them know that you had a nice time, does this hold to your value? YES

If the person you’re seeing is being distant, avoids your attempts of contacting them and yet you continue to chase after him or her, does this hold to your value? NO

It’s really not that complicated. Use your common sense, have fun and remember that you’re awesome. And if you’re not in a place where you not only feel but KNOW this, then do yourself a favour and avoid dating anyone but yourself for a while. Falling in love with yourself is the way to falling in true love with another.

Peace, love and knowing your worth,


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