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It Isn’t Just Your Mindset That’s Getting In The Way

In the world of personal development, we talk a lot about mindset – and if you’re reading this and wanting to make changes in your love life – mindset work is an inevitable part of the process.

But what I’ve noticed is that we think it’s only the mind that is addicted to negative thoughts and patterns, so we focus our attention there.


The truth is, your body is just as addicted.


That chemical soup that’s released when your mind has fearful thoughts serves as a “hit” for your body each and every time.

Your body is not only accustomed to this environment, it’s hooked on it.

Your mind has negative thoughts that set off negative feelings in your body.


AND, your body asks the mind for more of those thoughts so it can have its fix.

It’s a vicious cycle I tell you. But does this mean that we are helpless victims of an invisible process that we seemingly can’t control?


A little yes, but mostly, no.


When you combine mindset and embodiment work, the whole thing cracks open and you gain back your power.

I love to incorporate simple, practical changes, like…


→ noticing when my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth and dropping it (instant relaxation y’all).


→ unclenching my jaw and my fists (immediate release of control).


→ taking deep breaths (relaxation at your fingertips).

I remember when I was giving birth (10 hours, no epidural, and an 8+ lbs baby), my midwife asked me to smile and laugh because an open mouth equals an open pelvis.


These are just some of the ways you can use your body to relax your mind.

Again, a relaxed mind is a relaxed body – and a relaxed body nudges the mind to relax, too.

They go perfectly hand in hand. Yin and yang. Masculine and feminine. Mind-body synergy is the pathway to aligning yourself to the version of yourself and your (love) life that you are desiring.


If there’s something you’re wanting to experience in your love life (calling in a partner or feeling in “love” again with the one you have), this is a great place to begin.


Tune into and relax your body as a way of calming that ever incessant mind, the one that’s getting you all twisted up in stories that are at best, partially true.


With love,

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