It Can Be So Much Easier Than You

It Can Be So Much Easier Than You’re Allowing It to Be

Without fail — when a woman realizes she needs/wants to connect more with her man, she starts by doing so in “the big ways”.


She tries to have deep conversations.


Make plans for an elaborate date.


Learn some new skill together.


I’m totally guilty as charged.


I mean at first glance, these are all great ideas. But if your relationship is not in the smoothest place, these may be a little far fetched as a starting point. They also take effort.


Start in the little moments.


Connect with a kiss first thing in the morning.


Come in for a midday hug.


Touch him lovingly, spontaneously.


Look him in the eyes when you laugh.


Look him in the eyes when you cry.


You have endless opportunities to connect in the little moments. It doesn’t have to be dedicated date nights (those are fun, too) or anything intricate.


Hold your partner’s hand as you walk down the street.


Snuggle up to him on the couch and say nothing.


Look at your partner with a soft gaze.


The love that this creates will have you both feeling so inspired by one another, you will inevitably have those deep conversations, learn new things together, and plan fun dates.


It’s always about how you show up in the little moments…the little windows of opportunity that await you to actually enjoy what you have — now.


Go ahead, try it. And let me know how it goes.


With love,

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