Instant Forgiveness Is A Thing

Instant Forgiveness Is A Thing

Have you ever said or done something on a date or over text with a guy that you really like, and immediately regretted it?


Of course, you have – you’re human after all. And I’ve totally been there.


This is where instant forgiveness, (something I learned from my business mentor) comes in REAL handy. Open that bottle of glittery instant forgiveness, pour it all over yourself and you’ll stop that shit dead in its tracks.


Seriously, it works.


The sooner you can release the funny feelings you have about something you wish you would have done/said differently, the sooner you release the tension around it – which the other person is subconsciously picking up.


Also, it’s f******g freeing to let shit go.


So the next time you find yourself in a loop thinking about that thing you said, open that bottle (like literally, make-believe opening a bottle) and adorn yourself with forgiveness glitter.


At best, you’ll avoid sabotaging your budding relationship further. At worst, you’ll feel like a magical unicorn.


With love,

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