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If You’re Feeling Stuck in Your Relationship, Here Are Your 3 Options

It may not be an easy choice but you always have a choice. You are never stuck in any situation – only in the indecision between the options in front of you.


And when it comes to your relationship, and the aspects of it that are currently not making you happy, these are your options:


  • You can stay and accept things exactly as they are.
  • You can leave the relationship.
  • You can change the way you see and approach your partner and your relationship.


For most, accepting things exactly as they are is tough, to say the least. We are usually trying to change something – most of all, our partners.


And we do this because it gives us a false sense of control. 


The irony is — since we cannot (and quite honestly, should not try) to change anyone, spending our time trying to change our partners who will not be forced into change, really just leaves us feeling more out of control.


Accepting things and people as they are is the most loving and sane thing you could do – the distance you keep from them is a whole other question and will depend on how the situation is or is not out of alignment with your value and worth.


And since the women come to work with me are usually not ready to leave the relationship – this brings us to option #3 –  wherein lies your greatest power.


When something is not going as you would like it to be inside of your relationship, the immediate reflex is to look at how your partner is failing you, and what changes you believe they should make.


Like the women who work with me know, this is the quickest way to drain yourself of power and energy.


No matter how right you might be, is your current approach helpful? Is it bringing you closer to the connection and partnership you’re desiring? Is it bringing about the changes you want him to make? If your answer to any of the above is no, ask yourself these questions instead:


How am I truly showing up in my relationship?
How am I contributing to the problem?

Am I willing to try a different way?


What could I shift in the way I think of, speak to, and treat my partner, that would soften the edges?

What could I shift in the way I think of, speak to, and treat myself that would make me less edgy?

What is truly in my power to change here?

And to do so, what is my next step?


This type of thinking and reflection, with the words and actions to match it, will shift your energy and your perspective completely.


As you lean into your true power (not power over someone), your frequency will rise.


And when it does, your partner will have no choice but to meet you there if this relationship is as important to him as it is to you.


So rather than feeling stuck in the relationship, or stuck trying to change a person who resists your trying (as most people will), focus solely and only on how you show up.


I know this is easier said than done, and if having support on this journey feels like your next best step, I invite you to get in touch.


With love,

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