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If You’re Closing Off 2017 Single, Here’s My One Piece of Advice

Maybe this year was supposed to be the year you “found love”; the year you met that special someone. And now 2017 has come and almost gone, and you’re feeling a little more than sad that you’re still single.

I get it.

It’s hard to want something in your life and not see it come to fruition. You feel like either you’re doing something wrong, or that maybe… it’s not meant to be for you.

While I can’t comment on the former, I can assure you it’s not the latter. Either way, I know it feels no good. And as you go through the holidays “alone”, it can feel even worse. So here’s my one piece of advice for you:

When you see romantic love around you, soak it in. Avoid the feelings of jealousy and the sad song of “why not me”; shift your perspective to believing and knowing that love is out there. Move away from “where’s my love?” and towards “I’m so excited to meet my love and to have that, too”.

Take in the love you see around you and really, really feel it.

This one perspective shift alone will move you from a place of lack and into a love vibration – which not only feels so much better, but also makes you a lot more attractive.

Observe the love you see around you and take it as an affirmation that your love is on their way to you. Because I’m telling you, so long as you keep observing their absence in your life, the vibe you’re putting out there is not as attractive to love.

No matter the circumstances, you always have the choice of how you want to look at things and how you choose to feel. Don’t let this year go by in vain because you didn’t check off this one thing.

Take the time to appreciate all you’ve accomplished, all you’ve acquired and all you’ve learned. Not only will this raise your vibe higher, but this practice of learning to count your blessings, will serve you when you do meet that special someone – because it sure ain’t just about attracting love, you gotta know how to appreciate it to keep it, too.

Feel love. Admire love. Be love. And enjoy seeing it all around you.

Peace, love and enthusiastically single,


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