I Am

“I Am” – An Exercise of Not Filling In The Blanks

Mantras are an excellent way to keep ourselves aligned to the intentions and perspectives that we want to carry with us throughout our days. And there’s one mantra that is so brilliantly simple and one that can pretty much mean anything (and everything) to anyone (and everyone):


There’s one part of me that likes to imagine “I am” as meaning, I am the world, the universe, energy, human, woman, abundance, joy, love and everything good in between. I am unlimited, awesome and fiercely powerful. I am happy, capable, and I am all that I deserve. I do believe this is a great practice for setting the intention of how you want to be by knowing that you are already that today, in this moment.

But the other part of me also knows that the answer lies in not answering this at all. In just being. We’re so accustomed to describing what “we are”, but there’s real power in simply saying “I AM” without filling in the blanks.

Eckhart Tolle describes how we can reach the state of being, by dropping all the labels of identification that we would normally want to place after “I am”. And how sitting with yourself and repeating those words “I am”, without filling in the blanks is actually the way to knowing who you truly are.

“‘I am’: this is the most powerful manifesting mantra. Think about it – whenever you say, “I am sick,” how do you feel? Whenever you say, “I am happy,” how do you feel? In meditation, you can use “I am” alone, to honor and acknowledge your existence; and you can take it a step further and honor and acknowledge your divinity and oneness with all that is. You can also add positive affirmations while you meditate to help paint a mental picture of what you want out of life. For example, “I am a successful (what you want to be)” and so on.”, Om Harmonics

These two little words hold so much meaning. And my wish is that you (and I) say them with pride, confidence and kindness towards yourself. And that you not only believe, but know that YOU ARE.

Peace, love and “I am”s,


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