How to Heal Your Past in the Present

How to Heal Your Past in the Present – This WORKS!

Just when you thought you were done healing that old story, it happens again.


The guy ghosts you.

You find yourself obsessing over someone you know doesn’t deserve you.

Instead of saying how you feel, you hold it in out of fear of losing him.


And then you’re left dumbfounded, wondering how you’re still not over this pattern.


“I guess I need more therapy,” you tell yourself.


While it’s possible that you might, I’d like to present you with a different scenario, a perspective that may just blast this shit wide open.


At some point, the tipping point will come and you will find yourself on the other side of this pattern and living a new version of your story.


But it won’t come from only digging into your wounds and uncovering all your original trauma.


Because the truth is, you will never quite excavate all of it by digging in, but most of it.


That last little bit can only come from taking the leap, a stand for yourself and making new empowered choices.


By moving towards the vision.


As you do so, one day, you will tip over the edge and finally be free.


The more you rise in your choices, the more you heal that original wound.


This was something that recently tipped a client over the edge in wanting to work with me. You see, when we spoke she was convinced she had to do more healing of her childhood trauma.


Knowing how much work she’d already done in that realm, I presented her with this option. 


I asked her if she could believe in the possibility of healing her past with her present-day choices. 


The things she was craving from her new(ish) boyfriend, the things that triggered her and made her afraid, were all symptoms of her inner child wanting more attention.


I explained that as she heals the dynamic in her present relationship, the little girl inside of her would be healed, too.


And so she took the leap, and in one short month we’ve made massive progress.


As her boyfriend continues to ask what she wants more of, to cook her dinners and buy her favorite wine just because, the little girl inside feels more seen, more heard.


We start by looking at what this little girl needs (and how she acts out when she doesn’t get it), helping her to provide for herself what she can, and effectively communicating the rest to her boyfriend – in a way where he actually listens.


Her inner child is healing and her relationship is thriving.


So yes, peel that onion and get to the core of your issue.

See it.

Feel it.

And make the choice to move forward.


As you keep moving further away from your old story and stepping into new ways of being, the cord will cut.


And this also goes for any relationship to which you feel emotionally imprisoned.


The further you move away, the weaker the cord gets, and soon enough, it will break.


You will be free.


Dig in, expose the wound, face it fully, and then make choices that align with where you’re going, not where you’ve been.


With love,

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