How to Deal with Living Alone or in Company During Triggering Times

How to Deal with Living Alone or in Company During Triggering Times

Whether you live alone, with your partner or in a house full of little ones, these can be triggering times. And taking care of your emotional landscape is imperative.


Yesterday was our first official day working from home (COVID-19) with our toddler. Living in a moderately sized home #cityliving, with a single toddler (no other little one to entertain him), and running two businesses is well, challenging.


I found myself quite triggered a few times. Reminiscent of that first year of post-baby life, I was trying to get things done in short bursts of focused time not knowing when the next baby bomb would drop.


It’s a messy blessing.


Maybe you live alone and are being triggered by feelings of loneliness.


Or you’re suddenly working from home alongside your partner and have to get just as much work done in a less than conducive environment.


So how do we manage to not only cope, but thrive? 


Taking care of our energetic space, our emotions. This is always our most important work, and even more so in triggering times.


Your emotions impact the way you show up, the actions you take, the decisions you make, the way you respond to your partner/children/friends/family/coworkers – your emotions are a powerful force either taking you in the direction of more positivity or more negativity – so you best pay attention to them (just like them toddlers, too!).


Resisting the situation only creates more resistance — this is a time to lean in and take care of yourself:


  • Tell your partner what you need in order to stay sane (and invite them to do the same)
  • When you feel the anxiety building in your chest, take a few minutes to move your body
  • Take small pockets of time to be alone
  • Take small pockets of time to be in togetherness – if you live with people, gather for lunch. If you live alone, call or facetime your loved ones
  • Check in on yourself and address how you’re truly feeling
  • Breathe. It’s incredible what a slow, deep mindful breath can do for you


Decide who you want to be inside of this experience. 


How do you choose to:



Spend your time?



Show up for yourself and others?


We’ve been called to go within. The question is, will you heed the call?


Let me know how you’re doing (like, truly doing!) and how you plan to spend some time going within, excavating what needs to come out, and doing what you can to create internal harmony.


With love,

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