How to Bounce Back From an Awkward Comment You Regret Making

How to Bounce Back From an Awkward Comment You Regret Making

You’re on a second date with a guy you’re totally feeling. He walks you to your door, graces you with a sweet kiss and you say something along the lines of, “It’s a good thing you kissed me – I was starting to wonder if you were married.”


You immediately regret it.


And that all too familiar feeling of your stomach sinking in your belly is taking over and you can’t stop replaying what you said, over and over again.


I get it. In fact, there isn’t one person on this planet who can’t relate.


That moment of regret, while it does have its place, is so absolutely uncomfortable.


But rather than sulking in it for too long then fumbling on your words trying to make up for it the next time you speak to him – you can get curious about what you said and why you said it.


Was it a response out of fear?

A judgment you were casting on him based on a past experience?

A way to deflect intimacy?

A protective shield from showing how much you wanted to melt into his arms?


Looking at the underlying reason you made this unconscious comment is the first step. 


When you acknowledge the fear, you can assess how this may impact your connection if you don’t nip it in the bud.


This isn’t about regret; it’s about awareness, exploration, and making new choices. This is how you can continue to step out of old patterns and into new ways of being.


If you feel genuinely ready to release this fear and you feel genuinely sorry for projecting it onto him, you can absolutely let him know that.


Don’t over apologize.


Simply apologize for the comment you made the other night, offer a brief explanation for why you did it – then forgive yourself and let it go.


You hear that?





The chances of this one comment impacting besides you are slim to none. 


That being said, the impact of you ruminating over it may be the fall of what otherwise could have been a great thing.


So I’d love to know, are you willing to get curious and honest and let yourself off the hook more often?

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