How Reiki Guided Me Throughout My Pregnancy Journey

How Reiki Guided Me Throughout My Pregnancy Journey

People often use words like zen or chill, to describe me; and usually follow with the question of, how do you manage to be and stay so calm. Were you born this way? Do you have any tricks to share?

My answer is, yes and yes.

I definitely have an inherent chill side to me; but you could equally say the same about my stressed and anxious side, too. Much like most of the human population, I too live a lot of my life in my head worrying, what if.

So, I equip myself with tools to help keep me grounded, present and sane. One of these tools that I was so lucky to discover this past year is Reiki.

Last January, I met the loveliest woman named Laura Mora. As you may have guessed it, she is a Reiki Master. We had our first session together in March of 2017, where she asked me if I was trying to get pregnant. I told her not yet, but it’s definitely been on our minds. The next time I saw her a month or so later, I was happy to report that we were expecting a new life!


Laura Mora

Laura worked with me throughout my entire pregnancy; and helped me in more ways than I expected. Namely, she helped me to…


Every session with Laura was like a massage for my heart and soul. Not only would I feel calm during our sessions together, when she lovingly scanned me from head to toe, intuitively moving from one part of my body to the next – this feeling carried throughout the rest of the day and into the night. I would have the best sleeps, and any feelings of anxiety would seemingly melt away. She infected me with her calm, loving, energy and I couldn’t help but walk away feeling a sense of ease and comfort.

Rest assured

After each session, Laura would tell me how much life she could feel inside of me; that my baby was active and full of energy. This is incredibly reassuring to hear in the early stages of pregnancy. Much like my husband and I, she also felt the energy of a boy greeting her. It was very special to know we were all having the same intuitive feelings about the little bean growing in my belly. Every session was like a big hug from the Universe letting me know everything was unfolding perfectly.


The gifts of relaxation and reassurance also helped me to release doubt, fear and expectations. At every turn, Laura encouraged me to trust that my pregnancy and Cedrik’s birth would play out exactly as they were meant to, and that this was an opportunity for me to trust and release. As someone who wants to control the outcome of so much in life, this was a big life lesson for me. I could prepare and visualize exactly how I wanted things to play out, but ultimately, I would need to ask and release.


During and after each session with Laura, I could feel the blood flowing through my veins – as if my circulation was being kick started and all the nutrients were flowing through my body and to my baby. I could literally feel my cells vibrating at a higher frequency. I simultaneously felt relaxed, rested and rejuvenated.

Yesterday, I had a reiki session with Cedrik to “close off” my pregnancy journey. This was a truly beautiful experience. Laura is an intuitive, gentle and incredibly loving woman – and I swear, she hears messages from the Universe that help bring some much needed peace to this world. If you’re interested in seeing her (and I highly suggest you do), you can find her in Montreal at LaMa Clinic. And if you’re not in this city, she can also work with you via Skype. This is not a sponsored post, and I get nothing out of sharing this with you besides passing on my experience in hopes that you too can find some relaxation, reassurance, release and rejuvenation through reiki or any other medium that resonates with you.

Chill or not, there isn’t any one of us who couldn’t use a little help or guidance on whatever journey we may be on.

Peace and reiki love,


  1. Beautifully written! You are a great source of peace, love, health, happiness and inspiration:) thank you

    1. Thank you for the love and positivity, Janet <3


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