How My Husband Helps Us Avoid Fights We Don

How My Husband Helps Us Avoid Fights We Don’t Need to Have (you can try this, too!)

Sometimes, my little mind wants to “go there”. 


She wants to stir shit up, complain about things that don’t really matter, and make problems where there ain’t none.


But when I do, Jack (my lovely, patient husband) is not open to it.


He gives me a look like, “mmm ya, we’re not doing this” and doesn’t feed into it.


Which then makes me think twice, has me put my pistols away, and gets me to take a deep breath instead.


So I wonder, if it can do that for me, maybe you could be the “Jack” in your relationship sometimes, too.


Maybe, if you don’t make a remark in response to his frustration, or take the issue further, he’ll just drop it and start to rethink things for himself.


The caveat is, Jack is able to nip it in the bud, so to speak, because he isn’t walking around frustrated himself.


If he was, he wouldn’t be so patient with me. His capacity to let things go would wildly diminish.


In order for you to do this without feeling like a pressure cooker, you need to move out of frustration (always a symptom of overthinking), and into some other feeling.


You could do so by walking, running, dancing, meditating, painting, singing, you name it! 


And beyond doing these things once you get frustrated, you can do them daily. It’s the difference between diet and lifestyle.


When you learn to deal with your own sh*t, you will be simultaneously more patient and less available for his. 


Which may just make him think twice. Try it 🙂


With love,

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