How I Brought Up

How I Brought Up “The Talk” 8 Months Into Seeing Jack

When I first met Jack, he wasn’t ready for a relationship – or so he thought.

While his words said one thing, his actions said another.

He consistently showed up. He was reliable and respectful.

And I was deeply enjoying our time together.

It required a fine balance on my part of being patient, present AND respecting myself, and him.

At that point, I had gotten quite good at checking in with my intuition, which told me that this was a great experience for me to have. The facts told me the same, too.

We were spending quality time together, seeing each other regularly, learning from each other, appreciating one another, and respect was the foundation on which we stood.

And yes, every once in a while my mind would slip out of this knowing and into the hands of fear.

“Where is this going?” “Does he really feel the same about me?” “Am I wasting my time here?” were the creepy crawly thoughts that kept me spinning in those moments.

I gave those fears the space to speak up, and when they had enough air time, I’d take the mic and hand it back to my inner knowing which always told me, “you’re safe here.”

And when I couldn’t quite lean into trust, I’d take a deep look into his eyes and see for myself that this was a man with integrity, good intentions – AND his own fears, too.

I told myself that I would enjoy this experience until coasting no longer felt aligned for me.

So 8 months (yes, 8 months!!!) into our seeing each other, I brought up the “talk”.

I told him how I felt about him and how growth in our experience was important to me. I didn’t attach to any specific outcome, but I did reveal my truth to him in a loving, compassionate, respectful way.

And let’s just say, he couldn’t resist.

If you’d like to know about how this conversation unfolded, and how you too can date with dignity, I invite you to check this out and book your call.

It may just be the best decision you make this year <3

Peace & love,


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