How Appreciation Keeps Your Man Treating You Right

How Appreciation Keeps Your Man Treating You Right

Appreciation is the greatest motivation. It’s like a pat on the back that says thank you and job well done – except in this case, it’s more like a hug and a kiss.

When you appreciate your man, you affirm the things you love about him, and what he does for you. You feed more energy and attention into what is positive, and starve out some of the other things you don’t like quite as much. Like they say, “where attention goes, energy flows”. On the flipside of that there’s also the saying, “what you resist persists”. Meaning, you want to focus your energy on what’s going well and what he does right, not what he could be doing better or doing more of.

Your positive reinforcement acts as a catalyst for him to do more of what makes you smile, because ultimately, that’s what he wants to do. But you gotta set the tone and lay the foundation with appreciation; it’s the pathway for the love and good vibes to keep flowing.

The more you appreciate, the more inspired your man is to make you happy; and the more he makes you happy, the more you appreciate him – and he, you. This also motivates you to be just as good to him. It’s the kind of cycle you want to be in.

Your appreciation also shows him what you like, and encourages him to keep doing more of it. As I’m sure you can relate, when someone shows you gratitude it inspires you to keep doing more of that same kind thing – and it makes you feel good.

So, how can you practice more appreciation?

By focusing (much) more on what you do love about your man. Tell him and show him that you acknowledge how kind/funny/smart he is, and all that he does for you. And if that’s too hard to do at the moment, then start by writing it in a journal. Everyday, write down all the ways he’s great and all the things you like about him. Then watch them grow.

As this gets more authentic and more consistent, it won’t be long before you really start to see how appreciation shifts the dynamic of your relationship and keeps your man treating you right.

Peace, love and appreciation,


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