Hey High Achiever

Hey High Achiever – This is For You!

To the high-achieving woman: 


Allow yourself to move away from “what do I need to do next?” and towards “how do I want to spend this time?”

The shift may be subtle (as they often are), but the impacts are profound.


Instead of living your life purely off a checklist (coming from a woman who loves a good list!), you invite more space to flow with it: 


You can choose the activity, or lack thereof, that is calling to you most loudly at any moment in time. 


And more importantly, you can choose how you want to feel during this time.


This has become my new evening and weekend practice.


Since I typically live many of my days with a to-do list close by, I’ve realized that this practice is imperative to loving my life, and keeping the love alive in my relationship — what man wants a wife that has a list of things to check off on the weekend? No man.


So rather than a predetermined plan, I allot spaces of time where I refer to no list whatsoever and simply check in with the question – how do I want to spend this time?


And an even better question: “how do you want to spend this time?”, asked to my husband.


It’s a game-changer and at the risk of sounding overly dramatic  – a relationship saviour.

Try it out and let me know how it goes!


With love,

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