He (or she) shouldn’t complete you

He (or she) shouldn’t complete you

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“He (or she) completes me”…

If what you actually mean to say, is that your significant other adds happiness and fulfillment to your already amazing life, then great. But complete you?

If you did not feel complete before entering this relationship, the chances of it working out aren’t really in your favour. Why? Because your sense of need for this person, will be astronomically high, unhealthy and ripe with desperation. Nothing you do should come from a place of need, but instead from a pure connection with your true self.  This isn’t to say you can’t still be figuring certain things out; in fact we should be doing that our entire lives. What I mean is if you feel a void that you need someone else to fill because you just can’t seem to fill it on your own. Can you imagine (and I’m sure you can do more than that), two incomplete people coming together, only to dump their insecurities and dissatisfaction with life onto one another… all the while looking at each other with despondent eyes, hoping he or she can finally make them happy? This is neither love nor true happiness.

Rather, what we should aim for, is a life where we create our own happiness; and where we then, only attract others who are as equally happy as us, and who can add more of it to our already full lives.

Master the art of self-fulfillment…your future selves (and relationships) will thank you for it.

Peace, love and self-completion,


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