What If You Didn

What If You Didn’t Give A Shit?

What would your life be like if you didn’t give a shit what people think of you? How would you be spending your days? Who would you be dating? Who would you be?

These are some powerful questions; some of which you might be ready to jump in say, I’d be doing the same things, dating the same people and being me as I always am. I don’t care what people think.

But let’s be honest. There isn’t one of us who really, truly and deeply doesn’t care what people think of us all the time, all day, everyday. Sometimes and often, we care too much. And even if we’ve managed to momentarily not give a shit, at some point or another, consciously or unconsciously, you and I have both made decisions based on what people might think of us.

Maybe they’ll think I don’t know what I want; or that I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe they’ll think I’m lazy, crazy or all of the above. Maybe they’ll think I’m stuck up…maybe they’ll judge me.

How about maybe, none of it matters.

Seriously, there ain’t no one else who’s going to live your life for you – and if you’re not living it like you want to because of what other people might think of you or your decisions, then you’re literally missing out on your life. Do you get that?

I know it’s easier said than done not to give a shit what people think of you, especially the people you care about. Still, that doesn’t change the truth that if you don’t live life your way, you’re giving up precious time on this earth to create whatever you can imagine – and you’re robbing billions of people of what you have to offer. You’re limiting yourself in a massive way.

And seriously, what’s the worst that could happen if someone does judge you?

We create enough of our own mental roadblocks as it is, and we certainly don’t need to add those of others. When you find yourself making decisions about what to wear, eat, who to talk to, what to read, what to do for work, who to date, and so on, ask yourself: are you making these decisions based on what makes your own heart sing, or what other people might think?

Sometimes the difference is subtle, but if you and I can commit to caring less and less about how people may judge us (assuming they’re thinking of us at all), we give ourselves that much more freedom to live our authentic lives, to ascertain our individual likes and dislikes and to love freely. This is true living. 

Peace, love and not giving a shit,

Ask Diana


  1. I love this post. I needed to read this. It is not a timing thing this time, it is my ENTIRE LIFE! Thank you for this.
    PS: when will we get the joy of your audio version as well. Is it no longer available? You have such a pretty voice and I am on the go. It is nice to catch up with you reading to moi hehe ;)

    1. Thank YOU darling! Thinking up some podcast ideas, all in good time :)


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