Getting to Know Yourself

Getting to Know Yourself

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Do you ever, or have you ever, felt like you just don’t know what you want, what to do or where you should go next? I’m willing to bet that the answer to that, is a big HELL YES.

I think that most of us are logical enough to understand that we have to know who we are to know what we want. But the question is, HOW do we get there.

Just like getting to know someone else, it takes time and it takes real interest. I can easily find out the likes and dislikes of pretty much anyone I talk to, but it’s only through deeper conversations that I can even start to scratch the surface of who they truly are…and it can often takes years.

The same thing goes for getting to know yourself.

So just how can we reach our deepest layers where our true desires so often seem to be playing hide and seek with us? By observing our thoughts and detaching ourselves from them. That means being conscious enough not to manipulate, contrive or judge them – not an easy thing to do. But that’s where meditation comes in.

The more we meditate, and the better we get at it (which by the way, could take you years to do), the closer we get to those innermost layers; where we reach beyond the obsessive thinker to a much calmer, more centred and true place. It’s a lot like sailing out into the oceans; the beginning is shallow, but the further you go, the deeper you get. The same thing applies here. The more you meditate, the closer you get to the “deep end”. The more we access the deeper layers of our subconscious and observe our thoughts without judgment, the more our real selves reveal themselves.

People will often give you the answers that sound right or that they think you want to hear…and we do this even with ourselves. But with time and trust, the real answers and the real person will be known.

Time and trust aren’t just meant for the relationships with others, they’re equally if not more important, for the relationship with ourselves.

Peace, love and getting to know yourself,


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