Getting Older, and Actually Wiser

Getting Older, and Actually Wiser

It’s amazing how much time we spend worrying about things that never happen.

I mean sometimes (more like, often times), we just can’t help but wonder whether or not we’re on the right track, taking the right turns and making the right decisions.

But now being able to look back at 3 decades, I can clearly see how the decisions I’ve made have led me to the wonderful place I am today. I’m able to connect the dots –  and see that I’m getting older and wiser.

The ability to acknowledge that I’m doing pretty darn well, has given me and continues to give me this increasing feeling of self-trust and peace; it’s like a soft whisper that says ‘shit girl, you actually know what you’re doing. So stop worrying and take it all in.’ It’s a calm knowing that my life is on the right train (even if I sometimes try to make that train go faster ;)).

What’s cooler is knowing that this feeling will get even stronger with every passing year and decade.

We so often worry about getting older; but I say the older you get, the more dots there are to connect and the more life you have to reflect on. Even if you’ve made some bad decisions (um, who hasn’t?), focus on the good things about your life now (even if you find them to be few) and trace back the lines of how you got there. Also, do yourself a favour and high-five all the bad decisions you avoided – like oh my God, so happy I didn’t marry THAT guy!

Embrace the tough situations you’ve pulled yourself out of and the beautiful situations you’ve created, and walked right into.

Peace, love and getting older and wiser,



  1. Thank you for this, you brilliant woman of light ✨

    1. You are the light and an earth angel I am lucky to know!


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