Get Out of Your House and Off Your Phone

Get Out of Your House and Off Your Phone

Get out of your house and off your phone.


Trust me, ladies, meeting someone is a lot easier when you actually get out there and enjoy your life.


I remember when I was living downtown, there was an abundance of men walking around, we would eye flirt and on occasion, they would approach me (which by the way, is how I met Jack – my amazing husband). 


I’ve definitely noticed that I don’t get hit on nearly as much as I used to. In an attempt to ease my worry that maybe I’ve just “lost it”, I tell myself that it must be because I give off married vibes – which is true. 


But it turns out, there’s another obvious factor at play: I DON’T GET OUT NEARLY AS MUCH AS I USED TO.


Whenever I do go downtown and I’m out and about, there’s usually something that happens – someone checks me out or says something to me.


And then I’m reminded, “oh yeah, it’s not because I’m not attractive anymore, it’s because I don’t get out as much.”


Caveat: I know I’ve got some good looking features – and NO, I’m not trying to meet someone new. I am however always “researching” for you ladies 🙂


So, last Saturday Jack and I went for Indian food and made our way to a sweet jazz bar for some live music (think dark, sexy and very Montreal).


When Jack went up to pay the bill, a man came over to tell me I have a magnificent nose (LOL, I’ll take it). And once again, I’m reminded that when you get out, you are seen.


Sounds simple and obvious enough, but it’s something I know the ladies who first come to me struggle with.


They’re either forgetting or not prioritizing getting out.


Like you, they spend most of their time at their workplace with the same people (or if you’re a solopreneur, possibly no people at all), and you go to the same gym and the same coffee shop – which is fine. There’s an opportunity to meet people on the way to the coffee shop, office, etc. 


What you really want to do is get out there and enjoy your life. Do fun things! Be in the world, and get off your phone.




It’s incredible to me how many connections are missed because people are too busy staring down at their phones.


When I was pregnant and I would take the subway, no one would offer me their seats – not because they’re inconsiderate, but because they wouldn’t even look up to see there was a baby belly staring them in the face.


Seriously, it’s not rocket science.


The lack of connection is simply because we are less open to it, and the solution starts with you.


You need to get out, get off your phone and be in the world.


You will see, within a week or two, how many more men you notice and how many more men notice you.


Plus, how much more fun is life when you’re truly living it? Which, by the way, is not on your couch watching Netflix. 


So let me know — if you could harness more energy: what would you actually love to spend your extracurricular time doing?


With love,

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