Your Feelings Don

Your Feelings Don’t Scare Men Away. Your Feelings Make Them Love You.

You need not be afraid of your emotions. Scratch that, you need to embrace those mother f*****g feelings like they’re your superpowers – because they are.

Here’s the thing, we haven’t been shown a model of what it looks like to feel our feelings in a way that’s healthy and that actually makes us more attractive and lovable.

Ya, I said it.

Your feelings don’t scare away men, they make you more attractive to them – because these men need your help to access their own feelings.

We as ladies haven’t been taught to look at our feelings in a way that empowers us, and men haven’t been taught to look at their feelings at all. And yet, it is through our feelings that we build our deepest connections with each other. Love after all is the highest vibrational emotion that exists on this planet, period.

I’m talking about feeling what you need to feel positive and negative and expressing those feelings with your words, your body and your heart in a way that doesn’t unload on the guy, but invites him to feel safe enough to do the same.

This is admittedly easier said than done. But with practice, will be the greatest superpower you have ever harnessed.

Since I’m a fan of starting with the positive, one of the simplest ways you can start practicing this with a man today, is to express your appreciation for him.

When he does something or says something that makes you feel all kinds of amazing ways, tell him how much you appreciate it. Show him with a smile, a kiss, and words of appreciation.

By doing this, you tap into more of your positive feelings and help him access those same feelings within himself…those same feelings for you.

When the feeling of appreciation becomes the most prevalent part of your relationship, love starts to flow and provides a safe ground for some of the more uncomfortable feelings to be expressed, too.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try and let me know how it fares for you! And if you need help in the meantime, get in touch and we’ll have a chat about it.

With love,


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