How To Feel The Love As A Single Person This Valentine

How To Feel The Love As A Single Person This Valentine’s Day

If you don’t have a date lined up for Valentine’s Day tomorrow you might be feeling anxious, sad and a little disappointed that once again you’re spending it alone. You wanted someone to give you roses, tell you how much they love you and make you feel like the Queen you (deep down inside) know that you are.

You’re feeling a major lack of love right about now.

It’s more than ok to feel all the feels, I mean you are human after all. We’re conditioned to feel these negative emotions when we don’t yet have what we want, what we yearn for so badly.

So go on and feel all the feelings, just don’t stay there for too long. Because feeling that way, isn’t doing you any favours.

It doesn’t bring the love along any sooner, and it doesn’t make you more attractive to love either. And truthfully, it feels like s**t to be sad over the “lack” of love (or anything really) in your life. So why bask in it longer than necessary?

Here’s what I’d love you to do instead. Look for the love.

See it in the eyes of the stranger you cross paths with on your way to work. Notice it in kids, animals, people’s laughter (take your pick!). And feel it between the couples you might otherwise be feeling brutally envious of.

Then remind yourself of all the people who love you. Sure, parent love and even friend love isn’t the same as romantic love, but it sure beats not experiencing love at all.

What can you be grateful for? Look towards the light and find all the blessings, big and small, present and future that you can appreciate. Gratitude is the antidote for negative emotions.

Make sure to end that list with thanking yourself for not staying in relationships and with people who didn’t deserve your time and who weren’t quite ready for someone like you.

Then end with forgiveness.

Forgive your exes for any pain they caused you by acknowledging the way you contributed to the problems and thank them for the lessons learned. Forgive your parents, your friends, your bosses, co-workers and even strangers. Forgive anyone and everyone that may have caused you any pain or resentment. It’s time to release that shit and let it go forever. Clear the space for love, open the channel.

Then finally, forgive yourself for any “mistakes” you made in the past. Forgive yourself for “being alone” this Valentine’s day and choose to say “I love you” (yes, to yourself), instead.

Whether you spend this Valentine’s Day with friends, family, your pets or solo, you can still partake in the whole meaning behind this day: basking in love.

Peace & love,



  1. I think love on valentines day is not only about having a loved one. Its also about showing love to your sister or any family member.

    1. Yes!! I love it. Totally agree with you. We can choose to make Valentine's Day about love for all people. Thanks for sharing :)


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