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Ever Wonder If You’re Asking Too Much And Being Too Picky

It’s not uncommon for me to get this question when I’m working with a woman – am I asking too much and being too picky?


If you’re asking this question, there’s a chance that the answer is YES. But, as in most cases, there are subtleties and nuances that need to be considered.


The fear of asking too much is often a reflection of focusing on a man’s external qualities – like how tall, handsome, and wealthy he is, how often he offers to pay for you, and so on.


It’s not that you don’t deserve all of this and more – it’s that those qualities are fleeting and let’s be honest, a lot more on the shallow side.


And when those are the things you’re focused on, I can already tell – you operate way too much from your mind. There’s no real heart connection with yourself, and therefore, it will be near impossible for you to make a heart connection with a man.


That is – until you bring some awareness to this and start to make some changes.


This is at the heart of what I do; drop you out of overthinking and into your heart.


It’s what I do with my 1:1 clients, and what I do inside my mastermind.


There’s also the other end of the spectrum; someone who doesn’t believe they can truly have what they want, and so they are always second-guessing themselves and wondering if they should settle.


My short answer to this is NO, don’t ever settle.


And yet once again, this question is a key symptom of overthinking.


When I’m working with clients and I see them trying to use their logic to make what needs to be a heart-centred decision, I have them do some breathing exercises and imagine taking an elevator from their minds, into their bodies. 


From there, I take them on a journey. They state their expectations, and using their bodies as a compass, we determine what is in alignment with their true desires, and what is simply their ego talking.


It’s powerful and potent stuff.


If having someone help you answer some of your most challenging conversations around love and dating sounds like a dream come true – and if you are truly ready to invest in yourself – I invite you to book a call.


You can have everything you desire and more, and once you have the confidence and clarity to back it up – it has no choice but to show up for you.


With love,

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