Embodying Confidence

Embodying Confidence & Your Most Empowered Self in Love

Truth be told, I’ve been “sitting” on my word of the year.

I first thought it was “expand”, and then “cracked open”. I went through several iterations, only to have it hit so clearly on my walk today.


My 2020 word is EMBODY.


One small word, one big meaning.


To embody means to be an expression of, to take the form of, to integrate qualities so deeply that you become the picture of that thing.


This means that to become the kind of woman you imagine yourself to be, you first need to know who she is.

Once you know this, the next stage is to embody her – it’s in this process that your action steps reveal themselves.


For example, if I imagine myself being someone who has a healthy body, robust love life and with a few extra 000s in my bank accounts, I start by imagining what this woman is like. 


She is:












With these qualities made clear, I begin the process.

To embody intentionality, I eat slower and intermittent fast.

To embody sensuality, I join a dance class, listen to more music and take baths with essential oils.

To embody minimalism, I give away all the things that don’t bring joy, buy groceries according to the meals we want to make, and select fewer, higher-quality experiences.


I do all of these with feeling, not just action. 


Some other ways I’ve started to embody my 2020 self:


—>Sign up for a designer clothing rental service 

—>Cuddle with my husband before jumping out of bed 

—>Move my body (almost) daily

—>Work more efficiently in fewer hours/day

—>Choose only soulmate clients

—>Spend generously and within our means


If there’s something you desire in your love life, the quickest way to get there is to be the woman who’s in the relationship you’re imagining. 


What does she wear?

What does she think of men?

What kind of words does she use to describe herself?

Does she say what’s on her mind?

How does she feel in her body?


Being more confident and embodying one’s most empowered self in love is one of the greatest desires of all my clients – and if it is for you, too, then I invite you to join my free Masterclass: Stepping Into Your Most Empowered Self from March 23rd-25th, 2020.


I’m excited to help you create your own personalized game plan for how you will be your most confident, clear, and connected self, in love.


With love,

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