Don’t chime in on the “I Hate Men” Song

Don’t chime in on the “I Hate Men” Song

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No matter what age bracket you find yourself in, if you have a plethora of female friends, you have undoubtedly encountered (on more than one occasion) the typical chorus of “I hate men”. And today I am here to tell you, to stop singing that song.

First off, hate is never a good thing. Whether you mean it or not, the word itself puts out nothing but sizzling hot bad vibes; scorching through the Universe and zapping away innocent waves of positive energy, fighting the good fight to make their way through. Like I’ve said before, be careful of the spells you cast with your words and thoughts. Now add to this the possibility that you are actually wishing for a great man to walk into your life, and not only are you dooming yourself, but your fellow ladies too.

The truth is sometimes men are terrible, and just as often, women are too. But the stronger truth is, most people are quite amazing at their core and there really are great men out there – whom you will never see with your shady goggles on. How often do you think you’ve turned away a good man, because of your beaming insecurities and scrutinizing misjudgments? Whether you have a special someone or not, I beg of you ladies, stop propagating these hate anthems. Haven’t you ever heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? If men are being judged as guilty before being proven so, why wouldn’t they just jump the gun and misbehave, since you’ve already decided that they will. And if woman are always thinking that they are so awful, why wouldn’t they keep attracting more of what they’re focused on? It’s an ugly circle that needs to broken, starting with you.

Finally, to the ladies who have great partners by their sides, don’t be afraid to share this with your girls. They may appear to be envious at times, but the truth is, it gives them hope and it perpetuates positivity (so that maybe, just maybe those positive energy waves can finally make their way through). Stand up and be proud that you don’t actually hate men, and that in fact, you love and appreciate the one you have. You just might be the one to break the spell.

Peace, love and positive songs,


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