Ditch The Checklist

Ditch The Checklist

Tall, handsome, successful, funny and loves to travel.

Ahhh the checklist of your ideal man, something you may be far too familiar with.

As a MANifestor, I am all for specificity. And writing out this said checklist above may absolutely help you in attracting a tall, handsome, etc man. But let me tell you, these are not the qualities that make a good partner – and a list that looks like this is very, very misleading. He may be tall, but does he have the qualities to truly live out your vision?

Which brings me to my main point for today: Ditch that checklist and create a deep, moving vision instead.

This vision will include what is most important YOU (not your mama, sister or hairdresser), what you see you and him doing in this relationship, what qualities you both need to have and most importantly – how you feel in this vision!!

Why are your desired feelings the most important piece of this puzzle?

Because it’s the way you feel that attracts love or repels it.

Your feelings have an actual measured frequency (if you don’t believe me, check out the HeartMath Institute).

Feelings of high frequency emotions like love, joy, abundance, gratitude, appreciation and hopefulness live at the top of that scale.

Feelings like fear, guilt, blame, worry, shame, and lack live at the bottom.

If you pause to do a frequency check, which end of the scale do you spend most of your time in?

This is your first cue to why you might not have that love (and how you can start attracting it…now!). If you want to attract something (and someone) as high vibe as love, that is where you need to set your frequency. Which I help my clients do more consistently over time.

Now, back to the vision. Your vision goes way beyond the depths of the shallow layers and shines a big bright spotlight on what you actually deeply desire in that special someone – and trust me when I say, it’s so much bigger than his…um…looks.

Like this woman who attended my 5 day challenge a couple of weeks ago who wrote me this:

Omg the challenge you had was perfect for me in every way. The questions you had asked helped me to see my true desires and what my heart truly craves. I was meeting with the wrong men that could never fulfill my deepest desires. 

Weirdest thing had happened. There was a man from the past that I adored as a friend but never thought of him as more due to his simple job (so shallow of me I wanted a man w more money) so embarrassed to say that. 

Anyway I had no way of reaching out to him, had lost number didn’t know where he lives etc.

Then he matched with me online!!!! This was a man from years ago! We hit it off instantly. 

The universe is amazing.

Thank you for helping me see what is truly important to me and what I really desire.❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

So if you needed any convincing that it’s time to ditch that checklist, let this be it.

Your vision can encompass all the juicy details about how attracted you are to him: MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. What could be better than that?

With love,


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