How to Create a Vision if You Don

How to Create a Vision if You Don’t Know What You Want

With all this talk about creating a vision, you might be thinking – what if I don’t have one?! What if I’m just not sure what I want for my life, my relationship, job, career? How can I create a vision of something I can’t see?

Listen, I totally hear you – more than you know.

I’ve gone through many periods in my life where I had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do, like seriously, nada, nothing, zilch.

But what guided me was knowing the values I wanted to live.

I knew that above all, happiness is what I wanted to feel. I knew that I wanted to feel in love with myself and life, to connect with people and make some kind of difference. I knew that I wanted to make my own mark, and to have time and money freedom. And I could picture my life being this way, even if I had no clue at all about the specifics – or how I would get there.

When I started Ask Diana, I had no idea where it would lead me to. But I knew, by the way I felt, that I was moving in a positive direction. So I kept at it. Many people would ask me questions like, how or will you ever make money doing this? What’s your business plan? What’s your ultimate goal?

Honestly, I didn’t know. What I did know, was that I was happy doing it – and that I felt inspired.

Today, this passion has organically evolved into my business as a Love Coach. And while my vision is becoming clearer by the day – I know that it will keep expanding  as I continue to evolve. I don’t need to have it all figured out; I can balance moving towards what I do see, while keeping the channels open with my good vibrations, for all else that will come.

See that’s the thing, as you continue to step in the direction of your values and what feels good, the vision will get more specific.

You don’t have to create a vision of your dream job or dream man if you simply can’t see that far (yet). And it really is all good!

Start by getting more general about what you want, and getting more specific about how you want to feel.

Maybe you want to live a life filled with love, freedom, family, adventure, and purpose. If you can stay focused on those values, and practice cultivating the emotions daily (love, freedom, etc), the things, people, places and opportunities that match up with these frequencies will line up and show up for you. And you will feel a pull to follow.

As time goes on, and you get better at practicing the emotions and living from those values to the best of your ability now, the vision will get more specific.

Start more general.

Move in the direction of what feels good; the pieces of the puzzle will fill in. I promise you.

Peace, love and how to create a vision,


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