What Is Conscious Love?

What Is Conscious Love?

Conscious living, conscious eating, conscious fashion, conscious just about everything. There’s no doubt that consciousness is all the buzz right now – and it’s no surprise that I’m all about that conscious love.

To consciously love means to be intentional about the kind of relationship you want to be in, to be deeply committed to growth and to step out of ego and into love. Unlike the course of many relationships, conscious love actually gets stronger over time.

To help clarify, I’ve put together a little checklist for you. A conscious love starter pack, if you will.

Starting with…

  • Loving yourself (no surprise here):
    There’s no such thing as conscious love without self-love. In order to truly share love with someone else, you gotta have it first; and in order to be in a relationship where you don’t need the person, but rather want them, you have to know how to fulfill your own needs and desire for love. Conscious love can only exist when each person stands on their own solid foundation and  where each person is a “whole” not a half.
  • Having a vision:
    Clarity will not only lead the way towards what you want, it’ll also help you recognize it when you see it. Creating a relationship vision whether you’re single or in a relationship is key to living it in your reality.
  • Matching the vision:
    When you know what you want, you gotta ask yourself – am I match? This is where you intentionally align your thoughts, words and actions with your vision and carve out the time to live it now – whether you have that “special” person in your life or not. This is about putting your money where your mouth is. Conscious love asks that you not only know what you want, but that you be and live it, too.
  • Choosing vs reacting
    To have a thriving relationship, you need to choose your emotions and feelings, rather than be the victim of your reactions. This calls for a tall order of presence and mindfulness, where you get to decide the patterns and vibe you want to create within your relationship.
  • Practicing appreciation:
    What you feed grows. Where your attention goes, energy flows. What you appreciate, appreciates. These are all great sayings that sum up the same idea – if you want to see more of what you like, then that’s where you need to place your focus. If you’re in a relationship, this means actively and openly appreciating the positive aspects of your partner (and always yourself). If you’re single, this means actively and openly appreciating yourself, love, people and the anticipation of your new relationship.

Conscious love is definitely worth the practice of mindfulness. By being more intentional about what kind of love you want to create within yourself and with someone else, you can enjoy more ease, joy and alignment in your relationships.

Peace and conscious love,


  1. You have to remain open to discussion
    with your family and friends when you have to face problems precisely to relieve some of your stress.This is conscious love.

  2. When you have to face problems in your life you got to discuss as usual,to keep calm and to keep your joy.Stay strong.Peace and love.

  3. Conscious love is to face reality.
    One love.

  4. Show a smiling face when you have to face problems.
    You must talk of problems with your spouse,and if you don't find no solutions you can talk with your family and friends.Where there is a will there is a way.
    One love.


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