The Conscious Love Blueprint – Making Love Easy!

The Conscious Love Blueprint – Making Love Easy!

I grew up spending hours (houuuurssss) on the phone with my girlfriends stressing about our love lives. And even though I was their confidante and advisor, I had my own love struggles, too.

What should I say? When do I call? What do you think he meant by that? Is he my boyfriend or not? How do I know if love him, or if he loves me? Why is he such a loser? And if he’s a loser, why can’t I leave him? Does he not see how amazing I am?

This conversation and line of inquiry went on for a solid decade, if not more. And I know women in their fifties and beyond who are still having these exact same challenges.

I thought to myself, if I could collect all the energy that women spend stressing about their love lives, it would probably be enough to power the entire planet.

And so came my calling to be a Love Coach.

I longed to see women navigate this area of their lives with ease, so that they could spend their energy elsewhere, claim their place in the world and thrive. And it was no longer something I could sit back and dream about, I had to get my hands in there and start doing the work I came here to do.

I began working with women one-on-one, and quickly realized this message needed to have a wider reach. So I hosted workshops and retreats. And then came the birth of my virtual baby: The Conscious Love Blueprint.

What started off as a 12-week program for women who are single and in relationships, has now been distilled down to a
6-week experience for single women (relationship ladies, I’m comin for ya soon).

Along with weekly lessons, videos and (life changing) exercises, there will be weekly live Q&A sessions with me where I will coach, guide and answer the women’s most burning questions. And I’m hoping, yours too.

Should you join, you’ll also be invited to my private facebook community where I’ll be dropping extra nuggets of wisdom and inviting on some surprise guests. You will take everything you’re learning about and put. it. into. action.

If you:

  • Are sick and tired of dating
  • Lost hope that you’ll ever meet the man of your dreams
  • Only meet emotionally unavailable men, or men you aren’t attracted to
  • Can’t get past the first couple of dates
  • Can’t seem to break free of your past
  • Are dumbfounded that you’re STILL single

The Conscious Love Blueprint (for singles) is for you! I invite you to check it out and join if it resonates with your heart before doors close on March 15th, 2019.

AND if your ego is tripping you up with 99 questions and problems, send me an email and I’ll help tame that gremlin by answering your questions!

Wishing you conscious love, inside and out.


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