Challenge What You Envision for Your Love Life

Challenge What You Envision for Your Love Life

The vision you once had for your love life might need to be revisited – does it still truly align with who you are today?


If you allow yourself to get really honest about what matters to you now, accounting for no one’s opinion but your own (okay, maybe a few you deeply trust)…how would your love life be easier? Might you allow yourself to go on dates with new people and challenge what you once thought was important? 


…how would this set you free?


One of the biggest mistakes I see women make is to create their vision of love or of their ideal partner and then never again revisit it. 


They’re stuck on qualities that were once important to them and they’re still searching for it; and yet, part of the reason it’s not coming to fruition is because it truly doesn’t align with who they are today.


And so my call to you is to allow yourself the gift of recreating and evolving your vision, as you recreate and evolve your own self.  


This doesn’t necessarily mean breaking up with your partner, though it can. 


If you feel like you’re hitting a roadblock in attracting the love you desire, do some reflecting on the qualities of a partner who would complement who you are today – not what you once thought was important.


And those qualities that come up? Challenge them.


Are these qualities that truly matter to you, or are they influenced by what others deem to be necessary?


If that’s the case, who does this matter to? It’s time to sever that energetic tie, detach from their desires and create your own


I can almost guarantee that some of what you think is important is heavily influenced by your mother…sister…cousin…best friend.


For example, if you think that having an ambitious partner is an important quality, ask – “is this really mine” And if it is, you can dig a little further:


“Is this the core of it or is there something even deeper, more meaningful to me here?”


Challenge your vision. 


Underneath ambition, what you might be looking for is someone who’s resourceful, or who’s a big picture thinker.


This will allow you to recognize in people what you possibly might not have recognized before and open the door to possibilities you might not have allowed yourself to explore.


This is your life. Your love. 


You will be the one inside of this relationship, living its day to day reality. And it’s important that it aligns not only with who you are today, but who you see yourself continuing to grow into.


If creating your vision is something you’d like some guidance with, let me help you.


With love,

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