Slow and Flow

Slow and Flow – Create Better Results With Less Action

With the busyness of the holiday season fast approaching, things can get, well, overwhelming. And while some might be ramping up to close the year off with a ‘bang’ I’ve been (further) exploring how slowing down and centering myself more, lead to better results with less action. I gotta say, I’m digging this chiller pace.

Slow and flow is the idea of turning down the intensity and turning up the frequency. Or in other words, focusing less on how much I’m doing and more on how I’m feeling – a.k.a. cranking up the good vibrations.

On the daily, I dedicate time to plugging in. Lately, this includes meditating, cooking and baking more often, a lot of reflection work, reading, writing, coaching, creating and basking in the presence of my husband and son. 

Basically, it comes down to doing things that make my soul feel good, calm, and aligned with the highest vision of my life, of myself.

When I slow down and focus more on what I’m putting out energetically (aka am I rushed/stressed when sending this email or happy/clear/focused), every action I take has that much more impact – because the “work” I put out reflects my calm, clear, connection. The words I use are more succinct. The message is better delivered and received and the overall energy behind the work is positive, light and authentic. And to boot, I actually do things in less time – better results with less action, in less time. 

When I’m not in alignment (I’m feeling doubtful, tired and anxious), the actions I take often lead to more frustration, because they don’t move the needle very far and I’m left wondering why. The simple answer? My toaster (connection to self) isn’t plugged in. Uninspired action is like pressing the button on a toaster that isn’t plugged in and wondering why your bread isn’t toasting. Thanks for the insight, Abe. 

This isn’t to say there aren’t periods where it seems like I’m doing a lot. There are. But, the time I take to connect with me, slow my mind and and tune-in to my body allows me to:

  • Be present for all the blessings coming my way.
  • Show up and create with more joy.
  • Create more impactful work.
  • Serve more people with the impact of that work.
  • Say no to what isn’t aligned with my vision.
  • Say a resounding YES to what is.
  • Nurture all the areas of my life.
  • Enjoy my life & my journey.
  • Simply, be.

This same concept applies to your relationships and every area of your life. Your ability to slow down, be mindful, nurture yourself and move forward with focused intention will pay off tenfold. What matters more than how much you do for your business, lover, friends, dating life, children and anything or anyone, is the vibe you bring to the interactions – the energy you’re giving off. So mind your vibe right. 

Commit to feeling good, and acting only from that place. Otherwise, take a nap and get back to “it” later.

Peace & love,

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