How to Have Your Best Valentine

How to Have Your Best Valentine’s Day Yet (Even if You’re Single)

Whether you’re single, dating someone new or in a full-blown relationship, Valentine’s Day can be tricky at best. If you’re not with someone, you feel left out and awkward; and if you are, the pressure is totally on. Something’s gotta give, right?


First thing’s first: lay off the expectations. Let yourself (and your partner if you have one), off the hook. Expectations aren’t a bad thing when they’re coming from a place of alignment, but when they’re coming from a place of “testing” someone or something, they almost always blow up in your face.

If you’re single, you may be expecting the worst today – let that go. And if you’re in a relationship, you may be expecting the best – let that go too, and let that person show up as they truly are. Rather than the anticipated pass or fail, accept this as a day to simply express love for yourself and others.

If there’s something you’re wanting or hoping for, give it to yourself! Take a bubble bath, buy yourself roses, get your nails done, or indulge in a nice bottle of bubbly – whatever makes you feel a little more in love with you. And if you’re with someone, they’ll definitely appreciate you paying that extra attention to yourself…you really can’t go wrong here.

And finally, take initiative. If you’ve been wanting to go to a new restaurant or see an exhibition, take your love, your girlfriends, your mom – or even just yourself!

Don’t be afraid to make this day your own, or feel like you can’t participate. On this Valentine’s day commit to having fun and feeling more love. Do the things and see the people that give you all the warm and fuzzy feels.

Peace, love and having your best valentine’s day yet,

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