How Would Your Life Change if You Believed You Were Worthy?

How Would Your Life Change if You Believed You Were Worthy?

I’m sure you love yourself, to the best of your ability most of the time. But I also know that there’s some form of mediocrity you’re currently accepting in your life because you haven’t yet accepted that you’re worthy – and damn well deserving – of something better, something more.

Perhaps it’s a guy who only gets in touch sometimes, and who doesn’t step up to make plans with you ahead of time. As in because he wants to position himself as the best man for you.

Or maybe you’re working a job that has your mind numb and your soul desperately calling for help (which is ok as a bridge job, I’ll be back with a post about that soon and how it was the best thing I did for myself as I built my business – stay tuned) and you’re not taking any steps to build another opportunity for yourself.

Maybe it’s both or neither of the above, but you know there’s something. There’s always something and that’s part of what makes life so exciting – there’s always a next best version for us to grow into as we learn to accept how truly amazing we are!

On my end, my coaching business has been steadily growing for 3 years now. It’s an incredible blessing to do work I love with women I equally adore. I started to feel ready for the next version of my Love Coaching practice. I no longer want a business, I want an empire (my version of it anyway!). And to do so, I have to believe, scratch that…I have to know, that my clients, my family and myself are worthy of this expansion.

So, I hired the best Business Mentor the industry has to offer. And it was scary as shit. She’s far from cheap, and she’s pushing me to face my limiting beliefs and crush them, (more than) one at a time.

It’s exciting, terrifying and thrilling to ask myself questions like, “If I could make anything happen for my clients and myself, what would that be?”

These big questions come with equally BIG answers. And so I wonder the same for you. If you believed you were worthy of having your dream life, what would that look like? Where would you live? What would your partner be like? What kind of work would you be doing in the world? Who would be your ideal collaborators? How much money would you make? ….What do you want to see and feel in your life?

Be bold and unapologetic about your answers. Know that if you can imagine them, that they are possible and make that picture of your life so familiar to your mind that it starts to guide you in the direction of your dreams. And in the meantime, if you need a helping hand helping you realize just how worthy you are, get in touch with me.

Peace, love & worthiness,


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