Balancing Your Strengths So They Don

Balancing Your Strengths So They Don’t Become Your Weakness

There are things that come more naturally to us, and others that don’t. Connecting with people is definitely one of my strengths. And you have many of your own too. Your strengths come so easily, you often don’t have to try.

These strengths benefit us in so many ways. They help different aspects of our lives to flow with more ease. They offer us an opportunity to play into what we’re really good at and they give us confidence. But left unchecked, they can also become our greatest weaknesses. And that’s where being mindful of balancing your strengths so they don’t become your weakness serves as an advantage.

My ability to connect with people fuels my personal and professional life in obvious ways. It feels effortless for me to do so, especially in a one-on-one setting. That being said, if I don’t practice the opposite of “disconnecting” and setting boundaries, I can find myself totally drained of time and energy. That’s the moment my strength becomes my weakness.

Maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum. Maybe, you find it really easy to say no. The benefit is you end up having more control over how you spend your time. But, if you let yourself lean into this strength too readily and too often, you  may also miss out on opportunities and new connections.

You want to balance what comes more naturally to you by practicing some of the opposite, too.

For example, if you’re a natural giver, you may want to practice receiving more often. Or, if you’re very decisive and tend to see things as black and white, it may be a good idea to explore some grey areas too. This balance keeps you open to possibilities and new ways of seeing things.

If you’re naturally a hard-worker, you can practice allowing more free time in your life for flow and spontaneity. On the flip-side, if you tend to be a procrastinator, you can practice adding more regimen to your days and a schedule to your week.

Another way to look at this, is balancing your masculine and feminine energies. To be clear, we are speaking of energies here, not male or female. You were conceived with both a sperm and an egg,  meaning you have both energies within you. While the masculine energy is that of a giver, doer, organizer, planner and achiever, the feminine tends to be more of a receiver, a dreamer and can more easily just be. Taken to an extreme, both can be of detriment. Like yin and yang, there’s an equilibrium when you know how to call on both energies to serve you at different times.

The point isn’t to stray away from your natural strengths – the point is to be mindful enough so that your weapons of goodness don’t become your weapons of self-destruction.

Peace, love and balancing your strengths,

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