Attracting Opportunities (And Putting in the Work)

Attracting Opportunities (And Putting in the Work)

Being present in your life makes it easier to find and attract opportunities – but it doesn’t mean you’re going to do less “work” (work, as in put in the effort to make something wonderful).

What it does mean is that instead of spending your energy searching online or through ads for a job, a home or whatever it is you’re searching for, you can find those very same things by being present in your daily life.

For example, as you walk down the street in a neighbourhood you really love, you’ll take note of the “For Rent” or “For Sale” signs on the homes in the area. Or when you’re speaking with someone and they mention that they’re looking to hire at their company, you ask for what positions. Or you walk past a business that has a “For Hire” sign, and you pop in with your resume. Or you learn that someone you know just opened a business where they are sure to need someone with your skill set and you approach them with a proposal. The possibilities are endless; but you can either passively live and walk around with blinders on, or you can walk around with bright eyes, an open spirit – and be someone who finds opportunity all around them.

But it’s uber important to note that keeping your eyes open doesn’t mean you’ll work less, it means you’ll work smarter (and hopefully you’ll be enjoying how you spend your time so much, it wont feel like work) – and that instead of spending time digging through the mud trying to find your next gig, you can easily spot the opportunities and get right to the good stuff: actually doing the work and seeing that opportunity through. Just like any relationship, business, career or project, it takes work and self-improvement to keep those areas of your life on a happy and successful path. Spotting opportunities more easily just means spending less time searching and more time doing & living.

So when you’re reading books that explain how much easier life gets when your eyes are open and you’re fully present – understand HOW it will get easier (and it definitely will). The wider your eyes open, the more opportunities will come your way – but remember, where there’s opportunity, there’s almost always work.

Peace, love and wide-eyed opportunities,


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