Appreciation Doesn

Appreciation Doesn’t Mean Settling

If you’ve ever found yourself in a relationship, job or situation that you’d rather not be in, this may be the key to your freedom. 

When I talk to clients & friends about appreciating the situation they’re in, the person they’re with, the job they’d rather not be doing, I can feel their hesitation.

The hesitation is usually a nod to the fear that if they appreciate something or someone they’re not completely happy with, that they’re resigning to being there forever and not “fixing” their situation. 

When in fact, it’s the other way around. Appreciation is your way onwards and upwards – in your current situation or the new better one, to come. 

Your appreciation is your devotion to feeding and growing what’s good in your life and the blessings that already exist; rather than focusing on what you’re still missing.

It’s a choice to focus on the good stuff in people vs the stuff you’ve deemed as less than desirable. 

It’s a choice to be happy on your way to more.

Now imagine for a moment what this lens would do for your love life?

If you could appreciate something about every person you met whether they were the person for you or not, you would be so deeply embodying love, how could you not attract more of it?

And if you could focus more on your partner’s good qualities rather than all the ways he doesn’t match up to your expectations, you would either transform your relationship or be in such a deeply aligned place that if he didn’t line up, you’d know without a doubt that it was time to let him go.

Close your eyes and lean into the vision of your dream relationship. How does it look and feel?

One thing I know for sure, it’s high vibe.

And when you’re inside of frustration and lack, when you’re complaining and focusing on what you don’t like, you’re in a low frequency. Which means, there’s quite the gap between you and your vision.

But when you play more often in the vibration of a deep, soul-stirring appreciation for life, it’s a lot less of a jump to get there.

As Abraham Hicks would say, there’s no happy ending to an unhappy journey. Appreciation moves the needle forward to the life you’ve always wanted, this I promise you.

Peace, love and appreciation,

Diana. X

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