An Experiment I

An Experiment I’ve Been Running Since January 2020 – And What This Means For YOUR Love Life

I have to let you in on a little something I’ve been experimenting with since January of this year.


But first, I want to share with you some of what has manifested based on this experiment:


→ My biz revenue has tripled

→ I’ve lost 12 lbs (quite effortlessly, I might add)

→ I’ve been selected as a TEDx speaker!

→ I launched Date With Dignity in April and now again, for my second round this year!

→ Had the most exceptional photoshoot with the photographer of my dreams (coming soon) for my rebranding project

→ Jack and I have been having the most fun dates and connecting on a deeper level

→ I could go on…


…all this while our toddler was home with us every single day for 5 whole months. This also means our relationship and bond have strengthened and deepened as well.


And the reason I’ve been able to do this is because of making joy and pleasure a priority in my life! YES, this is the experiment. 


I am committed to checking in with my aura; as long as it feels expansive, then I know I’m on the right track – whether that means taking a walk, baking or reading midday, or writing posts and emails for my business. 


I am doing the “work” ladies and gentlemen, except it doesn’t really feel like work at all.


Because the quickest and most easeful path I had yet to discover to getting where I want to go, was to make joy my priority (which absolutely does not mean bypassing my “negative” s**t). 


With joy as my anchor, I can then take aligned action.


And this is how I do it with the people I work with.

Yes, we dig into some uncomfortable stuff, but we are mostly having fun – this may or may not mean a couple of impromptu dance parties mid-session 😉


When you’re having fun and taking actions that are aligned with your vision, like meeting the man of your dreams, it is potent. 


You become a mega attractor, and not just for men either. More money, more experiences, more of everything you desire (#worthiness).


If this sounds like something you want to experience, with me alongside you cheering you on, supporting and guiding you to the relationship you dream of, there are a couple of spots left in Date With Dignity – my 6-month mastermind.


Check it out, and if it makes your heart sing, book your call.


With love,

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