Accepting Change

Accepting Change

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I write this to you and in all honestly, I write this to myself. It’s about something that’s so important for living happily & freely. It’s about accepting change.

While it might be a simple enough concept to grasp, I think we can agree that it proves to be more difficult to put into practice.

I for one find it difficult to let go of relationships. My friends are such a central part of my life, and in the times that some of those relationships have faded or changed, I’ve found it really difficult to let go. I reminisce about the old times, replaying them over and over again in my mind.

Until I remind myself just how valuable it is to accept change and more so, to embrace it.

The thing is, no matter how you slice it, life is about change. Take a few minutes now, to look back on your life and see just how much has changed over the years. Some were positive, others were difficult and possibly tragic, but one thing’s for sure, change happens.

The only thing you and I can do, is ride the wave and stay afloat with the tools and skills that we acquire along the way, to remember how much wiser and stronger we’ll be on the other side – and also, to have as much fun as we can on this wildest ride called life.

Every change, difficult or not, adds to our tool belt of knowledge, strength, perseverance, healthy habits for our mind and bodies, and most importantly something that can only be acquired from looking within, wisdom.

Now take a moment, and imagine if things never changed, and everything always remained exactly how it is, and exactly how it was.

Imagine if things remained stagnant, without growth, without the moments of extreme happiness, contrasted by moments of extreme sadness…not that exciting, is it?

Accepting change makes us stronger and it opens us up to the next phase of our lives, where opportunities and new memories await.

Instead of harbouring resentment towards the situations and people that are no longer the same, smile at them and give thanks to them for the moments you shared and the things that you’ve learned from them and their presence in your life.

And remember just because something or someone was once in your life, doesn’t mean they belong in it forever.

Different seasons, different reasons.

Peace, love and accepting change,


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