Abundance vs Lack Mindset Pt 2 – Perspective on what you have

Abundance vs Lack Mindset Pt 2 – Perspective on what you have

Is the feeling of never having enough familiar to you?

I figured it probably would be – since this seems to be the general language of our society. It sounds something like this; “If only I made more money”, “I don’t have anything to wear”, “There’s no food in the fridge”, “Where are all the good men(women)”…“I need fill in the blank”.

But did you know that if you make even just $35,000 a year, that puts you in the bracket of the wealthiest 1% in the world (don’t even get me started on that) – but the point is, you’re not poor. And when most of us say we don’t have any clothes, what we usually mean is, we don’t have enough new clothes. And when we say there’s no food in the fridge, there’s almost always enough to put together a pretty decent meal.

For the most of us, the feeling of lack is a perpetual one that only exists because of our perspectives.

If you’re someone who feels abundant and acknowledges all the blessings you have, then you have an abundance mindset; you have the ability to focus on what you do have and genuinely feel grateful for it. You have a deep knowing that there is abundance always flowing to you, and therefore you see it. You see the abundance around you, and therefore, you are abundant.

If you’re someone who always feels like they don’t have enough, and you don’t have the ability to acknowledge all the wonderful blessings that you do have – like for starters, just being alive – then no matter what money or material things you acquire, you’ll never feel wealthy or abundant.

The point is abundance isn’t really about what you have – it’s about your mindset.

…but if you’re someone who has a lack mindset, don’t you worry – there’s hope for you.

There are some real steps you can take to shift your mindset to an abundance mindset, so that you can start feeling and being abundant today, at this very moment – not in some future state that you’ve idealized.

Starting with practicing gratitude for all the things, moments, people, food, money (even if it’s a little), that you already have in your life. And start this practice by making one comprehensive list today, and one short one every day (commit to writing 5 things you’re grateful for, every single day). What you focus on grows. So focus on what blessings you do have, if you want more of those in your life.

The next thing you can do is to pay yourself first. I know, I know, how can you pay yourself if you barely have enough to make ends meet. But listen up, I’m telling you that this was one of the best things I ever did for myself and my attraction for more abundance. But more than what it’s done for my finances, and in turn what I’ve been able to do with those finances, is what it’s done for my mindset. Seeing those funds grow, slowly but surely and committing to saving even when it seems impossible, has made me see that just like we can bend time, we can also do the same with money. It’s all about cutting out the unnecessary ish, and spending your money according to your values (something I’m always still working on). Taking care of yourself is vital if you ever want to b able to take care of others.

Be present and live each moment. When you get stuck in your mind, stressing and worrying about lack of money, love etc, you miss out on the opportunities for those very things – which are staring you right in the eyes. Not to mention, the less you worry the more you can be fully conscious in planning for your beautiful future. My girl Marie Forleo explains this perfectly in this (hilarious and enlightening) video.

And this one’s my favourite. Instead of focusing on acquiring things (which are oh so fleeting), focus on acquiring more experiences; travel, take up hobbies, learn something new, give your time to others – or even just enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones.

Commit to shifting your mindset to an abundant one by committing to specific actions to help you do so.

Peace, love and being mindful of your mindset,


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  1. Love this! There is always more available than you think. ?

    1. There really is <3


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