10 Things to Stop Doing Today

10 Things to Stop Doing Today

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We’re all creatures of habit. The question is, how good or bad are these habits? Actually, let me put it differently: how close (or far) do these habits bring you towards your goals and the life that you want to live?

Here are 10 habits we’re all better off without:

1. Self-deprecating language

I understand better than the next girl, what it’s like to have doubts. But I cannot stress enough how much our words and thoughts create our realities. As long as you’re striving (without pressure or resistance) to be the best version of you, then you are MORE than enough. What you think, will be.

2.Making Excuses

There is no such thing as “trying”. You either “do” or you “don’t do”. If what you mean by saying “I tried” is that you “did” and that you will keep doing and getting better – then please, for the love of you, say that! Again, words, words, words – they matter.

3. Abusing our bodies

I realize how extreme “abusing our bodies” sounds, but when we don’t do what’s right for it, or worse yet, when we do what isn’t right for it, no matter how you slice it – that’s abuse baby. Your body is a machine; you need to feed it the proper fuel and give it proper maintenance, or, it will fail you. But it’s not so much about the things you do or don’t do for your body, it’s about the energy behind it. All the exercise in the world if done from a place of stress won’t bless that beautiful body of yours.

4. Seeking Approval

This has to be one of the worst habits of all. Seek approval from no one but yourself. Do you feel good in the your core about who you are, what you’re doing, what you’re saying, what you’re eating and how (and with whom) you’re spending your time? Yes? Then that’s the end of story. No? Dig a little deeper and keep learning about you.

5. Judging Others (and ourselves)

I pretty much covered self-judgment in my first point, but seriously, lay off the judgment of others. I know and understand how difficult this can be, but when you judge others you waste your energy and brain space. You also cast out negative vibes that block your own success – and realize, that every judgment you make is a reflection of your own perceived weaknesses. We all have areas we can improve on.

6. Multi-tasking

I used to be the guiltiest one of all when it came to multi-tasking, but I think I’m making some major headway. When you multi task, you make errors and you lack respect for each task. Your attention is divided. And even worse, it’s exhausting! Your mind and body can only take in and handle so much. Slow down…

7. Neglecting our Minds

There is only so much time in a day. But in all honesty, is there not anything in your day that you can replace with a little time for both mind exercise and relaxation? Stop ignoring the fact that your brain is a muscle. It needs to be exercised and it needs to refresh. Dedicate time every day for a little reading, learning or any other brain-stimulating activity. And on the flip side, make sure to give it a little peace and quiet too (even 5 minutes a day).

8. Saying “Why Me”

There are NO forces working against you. Do you get that? If you choose to see things from this perspective you’re losing and missing the point that things are happening for you, and that you have SO much control over what does happen. When something happens that is not so positive, try saying this, “I wonder what this will teach me and bring to fruition”. It’s all about perspective.

9. Unintentional “Time Off”

There are many ways to waste time – especially in this digital age. And I will be the first to say, that time wasted that is truly enjoyed, is not time wasted. But if you stop and take a moment to do a little mental inventory of your day and the time you spent “wasting” – how much of it was truly enjoyed? Be present in your “time off” and make the most of it by simply indulging in it. Make it more intentional.

10. Missing out on the Journey

 Too often, we’re in a rush to get to the end goal and we seldom take the time to enjoy the process. Life is the journey. Take pride in each step you take. Give thanks for every victory, no matter how small; and be excited about the fact that there is still much to do! Enjoy each day – and stop waiting for some ball to drop, to finally be happy. Get happy, and you will become so damn attractive to more happy things.

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