10 Lessons I Learned This Year (#8 Changed My Life)

10 Lessons I Learned This Year (#8 Changed My Life)

This year surpassed my expectations on every front – my health has improved on so many levels, my love life has reached new heights (you can now call me a Mrs:)), and my passion has turned into a full-fledged business. So it comes as no surprise that along the way I’ve learned a lesson…or ten.

Here are 10 lessons I learned – and relearned this year, that have had an invaluable impact on my life:

1. Self-love is the foundation for everything I want

Without the genuine belief that I am worthy of everything I want – work I love to do, money for new experiences, opportunities to connect with others – then my efforts to achieve those things bear very little fruit. When I’m not loving on myself, I feel disconnected and dis-eased. On the flipside, self-love creates a calm internal landscape that reflects harmony in my reality and allows positive things to flow to me more easily. I also know that no matter how much I think I love myself today, there’s always room for more.

2. Awareness is what keeps me rising

As I keep giving myself more of that sweet self-love I become increasingly aware of anything that doesn’t honour me; negative thought patterns and self-talk, ways to describe myself that aren’t uplifting and behaviours that contradict my greatness. Awareness – that split-second before slipping into a knee-jerk reaction – presents me the opportunity to choose differently. Instead of saying that thing I would usually say that doesn’t serve me, I can choose to say something that adds more love and keeps me rising.

3. I have the power to change my story

This is as simple as not repeating the same thing over and over. For years (and up until very recently), I’ve walked around saying that I have poor circulation (and yes, there are signs that point to that – because I keep reaffirming it). But I can choose a new story – one that leans towards more well-being. And as I keep affirming my new story, I see my reality start to reflect it. I have the power to choose which story I want – and you do too. Maybe your story is that there are no good people to have a relationship with – well, if you keep repeating it, you’ll keep creating it. I choose to tell the story that I’d rather be living. 

4. Everything I experience is a result of my vibration

Pointing back to lesson #1 and the internal landscape, I now totally get that everything I experience is a reflection of my vibe. Ever have one of those days that starts off with you spilling your coffee – and then everything goes downhill from there?  The frustration you feel when you spill your coffee, spills over into the rest of your day because you’ve put yourself in a rut. The good news is that you and I can go from feeling totally shitty to feeling like rockstars just by shifting our thoughts – which shift our feelings – and then our points of attraction. I understand better than ever that the way I feel is the launching pad for everything else. When I’m in a good vibe (regardless of the circumstances), like a moth to a flame, good things just can’t resist me.

5. If I focus on the lack of something I want, I keep it at bay

Most people think they have their eyes set on what they do want, but the greater pull of their thoughts are towards the fact that it’s not there yet – and since what we focus on grows, we just keep growing that gap. I’m getting better at closing the gap between where I am and where I want to go, by choosing words that bring me closer – I don’t talk about what I don’t have, I talk about my current blessings and where I’m going.

6. I’m aligned whenever I feel good

When I feel good, I’m in my alignment – when I don’t feel good, I’m not. And I can be in alignment, no matter the circumstance. 

7. The journey really is fun

Yes, manifestations are freaking exciting – but I actually enjoy the unfolding of it all so much more than I ever have before! Creating is even more exciting than the creation itself – I really do get that now.

8. Alignment before action – always

I’ve really started to experience the difference between hustling (feels like hard work and dragging my ass through the mud) and acting from a place of alignment. While both require putting in the “work”, when I take the time to get into the right energetic space (meditate, relax, have a cup of tea), I’m inspired to take action from a totally different place. I’m not pushing or desperately trying to get from point A to point destination. I’m in creation and flow. It’s easier, and the “work” I do is much more impactful. Ironically, slowing down actually speeds things up! Also, by taking time to connect before “doing” I have the opportunity to check in with my energy – what vibe am I bringing to this interaction, email, etc. I now know how much stronger my impact is when I’m in my alignment, and everything in my life is so much easier from this place.  

9. Curiosity changes everything

Through the lenses of curiosity and wonder, I don’t stress about my life or where it’s going – I enjoy the unravelling of events and I’m curious of where they’ll take me to next. I feel lighter and so much less serious – which also means, I’m having a lot more fun.

10. Less rush, more flow

As I dance my way in to 2017 (I’ve been in indulging in a lot more solo dance parties), I don’t feel the sense of rush that I used to at the start of each year – as if I’m already so far behind. I’m learning to create more space for flow and I’m realizing I don’t need to “make” things happen so much as I can “allow” them to. As I value my alignment more and more, I feel less rigid about my schedule and more open for inspiration to lead me to the next action to take. I feel a sense of calm in my knowing that I am exactly where I need to be and that I’m going where I need to go.   

As we close this year, I hope you take time to reflect on all your victories small and big – and to regret nothing! What was my biggest mistake this year? Nothing. Everything is a lesson learned if you choose to look at it that way.

Peace, love and 10 lessons learned,

Ask Diana


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love yourself, move forward, work on yourself , be a better you and embrace the journey !!!

    Happy 2017!!!

    1. YESSSS you got it!! I can feel your good vibes shining through! The journey is life and it is as beautiful as we allow ourselves to see it! Happy New Year beautiful Barbara! Wishing you so much joy in 2017 XO


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